Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tata nano project!

The Indian PrimeMinister Dr.Manmohan Singh expressed his views on the problem faced by the Tata Nano project.He said “India is a democratic country and the entreprenuers can chose the place where they want to do the business,but not at the cost of farmers.The land should be acquired only after appropriate compensations are made to the farmers.The PM addressesd the media on his return from Japan and China and when asked about Nano project he said”The shift of Nano was a sad thing.There has been done a lot of work by Tata in Bengal and even the production date for the Nano has been announced.The agitation made by the Trinamool Congress was really unfortunate to Tata and there was no other way to Ratan Tata other than to shift the project” he said.

He also said that all these things can happen in this market economy and the problems must be tackled.The enterpreneurs can start their business anywhere in India and only if they do all the proper compensation to the land owners.The Farmers are equally important to the Indian government as the enterpreneurs.So everything should be done in a proper way, he said.The only way to solve the unemployment problem and to develope the country economically, more industrialisation should be done in India.

The Nano project in Sanand has been kick started.Tata has announced that the initial production of the Nano cars will be from Pantnagar,Uttarkhand.,After the completion of project in Gujarat the production will be from the Nano plant itself.


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