Gilchrist hates Warne-Gilly Vs Warnie

After the statement against Sachin and his clarification to the same,now Gilchrist started a new one.In his Auto biography he has mentioned about the spat between he and warne in the long time course.In his Biography Gilly mentioned that Warne is not his best team mate.

The two champs are best ever combination and Gilchirst was the one who supported Warne in his wicket taking career.The undropped wicketkeeper in Test match history has outbursts on Warne, saying that his remarks on him is hurting him till today.The Western Australia wicket keeper said that after “Ian Healy’s retirement Warne pressed Darren Berry to be Healy’s successor”.But it was Gilchrist finally got selected leaving no chance for anyother wicketkeeper for 95 continuos test matches in his career.In 1990 Warne and Berry had verbal exchange on Gilchrist saying that ” You are here, where chuck(berry) should be because you are a licker”.Gilly said that it really hurted him a lot and it was long time hurt since his career.Since Warne and Gilchrist has to play for the nation all the issues were to put under the belt of Gilchrist.

Gilchrist agreed to the Warne’s recent newspaper statement that Gilly and he was not the best mates and had lot of disagrees with them.

Both these players have played together for eight years and Gilchrist said that “Warne has pissed me off several times over the years and I have pissed him off too”


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