Clinton to campaign for Obama.

The Presedntial elections are nearing and the election campaigns are getting to the peak.Both the Republican and the Democratic Party members and workers are in full swing for the preparation of November 4 elections.The former President Bill Clinton has announced that he will campaign for Barack Obama in Florida.Though Hilary will not participate in this, her Husband will campaign for Obama.Clinton and Obama has already met each other in September and after the meeting Clinton said that Obama will be the next President and will win the November elections pretty handly.

The heat of the elections have started and the Democrat Obama has strongly criticized the Republican John McCain for his break up with the President George W.Bush. The Senator from illionis said that McCain who supported Bush for the last eight years have now turned up against him and and his policies.Obama also said that McCain opposes 90 percent of the Bush’s handling in the crisis.Obama also said that McCain denounced the President George W.Bush for his poor administration.Obama announced that the two minutes advertisement called “Defining moment”  will be on radio’s from sunday.Obama in the campaign said that the immediate effect our country needs is urgent priorities to the nation, considering the cost on the health care,child education,avoiding the dependence on oil and eradicating the terrorism.

In recent polls it has been said that Obama is slightly ahead of McCain and the result in the November elections could be in the favour of Obama.But anything can happen at any moment.

Wait for November!!!!!!!!!!


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