Sarah Palin from the best to Big Problem for Republican’s.

Sarah Palin the popular celebrity and the governor of Alaska is in trouble now.She wants to depict herself as a normal mother in America but her moves are not okay for the American people.When John McCain chose her as his running mate the whole nation was wondereing about the inexperience of Palin. But she pulled out much crowd and popularity to McCain and the Republican party.

Sarah Palins shows that she doesnot have any clothes nor her family.She started to shop and her one day shopping in a famous shopping mart was the biggest one($1,50000).The bill was $75,000 but it is said that the bill is just a half.The bill was sent to the Republican Party Office and obviously it has to be paid from the donation to the party.

The oppostion party criticized her lack of experience.Initially JohnMcCain felt that Sarah Palin was the best running mate for him, but now she might become the problem for the republican party.According to the polls 47 percent showed negative to Palin.And the new poll found that concern about Palin’s qualifications is voters’ top concern about McCain, ahead of every other issue in the election.Thus Palin could be in trouble if she is not going to reduce her expenses.It is really difficult to bring back the name since the elections are nearing.The Democrats see this issue as a big one and started to target Palin.


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