Rain and Flood in Yemen-Kills many…

Torrential rain hits Yemen and causes flood.Many lost their kives and properties.According to the official report 46 people were killed and  more than 20,000 were affected.Many are suffering without basic needs and shelter.The rain was severe and many more are expected to get stranded into their houses itself.Moreover more people have started to evacuated from their places and some of he evacuees are missing.The rescue process is undergoing and it is continously disrupted by the rain.

The much affected city was Hadramout and most of the people are safely placed in the schools and other safer places.The normal life is affected and the Yemen requires the UN support for food and other essential commodities supply.The country hasnot faced this much rain over the year and this was unexpected one.Even Saudi Arabia,Northern Somalia,Jeanes were also affected by the rain.The Yemeni president has arranged for the emergency meeting and ordered for the immediate aid and health centers in the affected areas.

But according to the news, the weather conditions are expected to be normal from tomorrow.


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