Director Seeman and Ameer arrested!

The issue on the Srilankan Tamils is getting stronger in India and especially in Tamil Nadu.The MDMK chief Mr.Vaiko has been arrested day before yesterday and charged under sedition charges.He has been arrested by the Chennai police for making statements on LTTE and saying that he would carry weapon for LTTE.These statements were like provoking and against the act of National integration.Vaiko has been arrested and put into jail.

Before that the kollywood directors and producers made a protest in ramanathapuram against the attack on Tamil Ealem.The director Seeman and Ameer’s speech in the protest were extremely high and they made their statements against the Srilankan government in a strong manner.The speech of the both were true but it is acccording to the Indian Constitution that no sedition statements should be made in public which may result in law and order problem.So the directors were arrested for provoking insurrection.After a day of Vaiko’s arrest the TamilNadu Police arrested both the director Ameer and Seeman.

Some of the oppostion parties in Tamilnadu raised the question of not arresting Seeman and Ameer, but why Vaiko arrest.But the answer for their question has been given by the TamilNadu Government.Though according to the Constitution the government’s action was right, but when percepted in the point of humanity this is not fair.I should not comment anymore about the government in this public forum.All the parties in Tamilnadu should fight against the attacks made by the Srilankan Army.But there is no unity among some of the political leaders since the issue is related to LTTE.

But everyone should understood that the attack on Srilankan Tamil should be seen in the way of humanity and not in the ethnic way.The attack is against the humans and not the specific Tamils.Everyone should understand this and the protests should be made in such a way to prevent the attacks on the human beings in Srilanka.Everyone should try to control their emotions.


4 thoughts on “Director Seeman and Ameer arrested!”

  1. I am also a Tamilian. But I dont support this LTTE. They have killed so many innocent people, and so many eleced Tamil MPs of SL parliament.

    I sympathize with the Tamil cause in SL, but LTTE is the problem there, not the solution

    Why do we Indian Tamils blindly support LTTE, just because they are tamiians? I am not saying SL Army is good. ut LTTE is worse

    Jai Hind


  2. Suchitra, seeman and ameer is shouting bcoz indian government giving ordnance, radar to srilanka. Our stupid army is giving training to srilankan army.

    I agree with you for Tamil Mp’s issue…..BUT the current MP in saying that LTTE is doing a good thing. .

    Whatever the technology grow , you never see such thing in indian television. No democratic………we are living in a terrorist country….Indian politicians are terrorist.

    Prabhaharan is the only tamil leader in the world. A real Freedom Fighter.

  3. sonija kandhi took reveanch by killing eleam tamils. but the next step is tamilnadu tamils because rajiv kandi was died. this is like picture nagin snake.

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