Baxi-The Asian of the year!

The non residential Indian Mr.Ranjit Singh Baxi has won the most prestigious award of Europe”The Asian of the year”. Baxi is the chairman of the leading recycling companies in Europe.He is the chariman of J and H sales Ltd, received the prize from the BBC presentation team in the funtion held at the London hotel.Mr.Swaraj Paul,industrailist and the first award winner of Asian of the Year in 1987 was the chief guest and congratualed  Baxi for his hard work.Everybody applauded Baxi for winning this award.Baxi’s hard work made his company to grow as one of the top companies in the world and they are leading industries in the fibre recycling and exporting.They are trading all over the world mainly in United States and Europe.

Baxi is also the President of Punjabi Organisation (Europe Division).Baxi was recently appointed President of the Paper Division of the Bureau of International Recycling in Bruxelles, a trade federation representing the recycling industry in over 70 countries.

Thus an NRI made India to be proud.It is the Indians doing well in Business all over the world and their pragmatic ideas is much useful to the growth of the business.


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