Rain hits Chennai-Chennai submerges in rain water!

Hot Chennai has been made cold for the past one week as the rain gods started to shower their blessings.The  monsoon hits TamilNadu and most of the places in TamilNadu are drastically hit by the rain and Chennai is also included in that.Today at the start of the day there was a bright sunshine, but it went on to wane as the day goes on.Near 14.30 hrs the clouds showed their love to earth by pouring the water on it.Dark clouds surrounded and it was like night 7’o clock , but actually it was 3 in the noon.There was a continuos rainfall for 3 hours and after that it started to drizzle.Because of this 3 hour continous rain the whole Chennai was submerged in water and the roads were filled up with water.

As usually the traffic came into play and vehicle get jammed and as a result huge Traffic in the City.People started to walk instead of going in a bus.It took nearly 4 hrs to reach velachery started in T.Nagar through bus which usually takes just 45 minutes even in the peak hours.Even the bikes were stalled and not able to move a inch.The Traffic signals were cut off and it added for more congestion and confusion.Moreover the main reason behind the traffic was the human chain conducted by the DMK party.The major roads were blocked and routes were diverted, resulting  in congestion and chaos.The major sufferers were the Chennai Police who did their job even in the heavy rainfall and tried their level best for the traffic clearance.

The Regional meterogical center reported yesterday that the depression in Bay of Bengal has been weakened and there will be no more rain from today.But today the clouds were torn and rain lashes the city and other parts of TamilNadu.Hope today the statement from the Chief of Regional meterogical center will be that” a new depression has been formed and more rains- expected”;I guess when this statement comes, there will be no rain tomorrow.Nature shows its play and no one can predict its end;

The only consolidation is, the water reservoirs are started to fill and the water to the dams are coming at higher rate.Hopefully there wont be any problem for the January cultivation for the farmers.But before that the rain could spoil their grains;Moderate rains could help them.


One thought on “Rain hits Chennai-Chennai submerges in rain water!”

  1. Thanks for fotos and rain and no water problem to chennai only problem due to Heavy rain all roads uncondition.

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