Obama On India-Strategic Partner of United States.

The Senator Obama and US Presdential candidate for Democratic party has said in an IANS interview at Chicago that there will be a strong relationship between India and United States.He also said that in his administration that there will be a top priority for India and India will be the natural strategic partner of United States in the 21st century.

The America’s first black Presidential nominee has said that he and his mate Joe Biden will work together to make a strong relationship between India and America.India is the most aspiring country for knowledge and there are more number of talented people over there.America always welcomes the talented people,he said.India and United States will work on Global peace and for the stability in Asia.

It is true that the immigration formalities are made more complicated, so that only well qualified persons can get the H1-B visa. It was made such a complicated to get visa in Bush’s administration.Obama said that he will also look into this issue and will reform about the immigration and will make easy to get H1-B visa for the world’s most talented people to get into America and work for America.

India and America are strong in trading and most of the America’s Offshore drilling is done in India and the trades between India and US are positive.Obama said that, this will be made much more stronger when his administration comes into act.He also said that ” “We know that we cannot and should not put up walls around our economy.” Acknowledging that global competition “is a fact that cannot be reversed,”Obama added: “But we must find a way to make globalisation and trade work for American workers.”

The words of Obama could make the Indian American Community to feel happy that they are going to get a president who cares about them.Though Obama’s word seems to favour India, his early campaigns mentioned that the Offshore drilling to India will be reduced inorder to slash the increase of unemployment in United States.But later he pulled his words.

Most of the Indians are also working for the democratic nomination seeking for a change.The change could happen , since most of the polls shows that Obama could be the next president.


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