Gilchrist Slams Sachin Tendulkar

Whenever its between Indian and Australia,the controversies and the harsh words between the players will come into effect.Usually it happens between the current players in the both teams either on the field or through media. Even now it has been started.Right from the beginning of the Series between India and Australia, the heat has been started.

The retired wicket keeper and batsman Adam Gilchrist of Australia has questioned Sachin Tendulkar’s honesty in his auto biography.He has mentioned in his auto biography that though Sachin is a fantastic batsmen ,his honesty on the field is doubtful.He linked this with the monkey gate affair in which Symonds and Harbhajan involved.The other person standing along with Harbhajan on the field was Sachin Tendulkar.Initially before the enquiry Tendulkar said that he did not hear anything what Harbhajan said.But later in the Enquiry Tendulkar’s testimony stated that Harbhajan didnot said anything on Symonds and said everything was a setup made against Harbhajan.Gilchirst also mentioned that Sachin in his Testimony said that the appeal made by Australia was a joke.”The Indians got him (Harbhajan) off the hook when they, of all people, should have been treating the matter of racial vilification with the utmost seriousness.”said Gilchirst.

Gilchirst in his biography also said that there is a big difference between teams approach.Australia on field is very hard but finishes off everything with a handshake at last.But Indians are not like that,for instance Sachin and Harbhajan can be hard to change hand shakes if India has lost the match.

Gilchrists these statements was really a harsh on Indians and this could reflect strongly on the ongoing Australian series.The retired veteran’s statement could hurt many fans of Sachin in India.Whatever happened is finished.It should not be raised up again.


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