Gilchrist Clarifies to Sachin Tendulkar.

After a long talk about Gilchrist’s comments on Sachin as a sore loser, now came to end.The Gilchrist himself called up to Sachin and clarified that his Statements were taken out of context and he also apologised to Sachin for mentioning him as a sore loser.When asked about this to Sachin,he simply said that everything has been sorted out and Gilly in personal called up him and apologised as well as clarified his stand on his sayings. 

Gilly’s comment brought down Sachin’s name who was in the peak of fame for his milestone of crossing 12000 runs and breaking the record of Lara.Millions of fans of Sachin Tendulkar got hurt because of Gilchrist’s comment on Sachin questioning him on his Honesty and calling him as a sore loser.

Gilchrist after this issue has being blown out, came out himself and clarified everything and requested media not make it as a big issue.The former Australian Wicket keeper mentioned his comments in his auto biography.



One thought on “Gilchrist Clarifies to Sachin Tendulkar.”

  1. This all bad.Gilly shud nt be made captain of hyderabad guy gettin hi meal from india shudnt speak about our god sachin

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