TCS to reduce its volatility in India

TCS the IT major in India has announced that it is going to focus on reducing the volatility in India.The company showed up the profit in the Quarter 2 and showed the profit all around the globe.TCS also said that the company has shown up a growth in all the countries amidst the financial crisis except in India, there was a drop in  India.The reason behind this is, many contracts in India are completely based on projects and the payments are done only according to completion of the projects.But it is not so in United States and other countries.In other countries the payment is a annuity program and will be paid annually.The company has announced the revenues and of that in India the business was up by 7.8 % but the previous year it was 8.2 percent.

The TCS chief operating officer said that the company is in positive state in India and it has lots of work to be done in India.He also said that they are going to look the progress in India year by year rather quarter based.

Apart from all these things, the company has got a project from External Affairs ministry of India for doing a project for Passports.The cost of the project is Rs.1000 crore.

The good news is for the freshers waiting for their joining date, since the projects are being added in TCS and new clients are included,  the freshers might be called up earlier.


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