Hu Jia has been honoured by European Union.

Hu Jia the Chinese Human Rights Activist has been honoured by the European Union by giving him the Parliaments’s Top most award of Sakharov Prize.He rised his voice against the attack on human and did protests against the human rights violations in China . Hu jia is a dissident facing a jail term.Beijing opposed the announcement of the award and they also mentioned that the relationship between Europe and China would broke up and have to be concerned in future.The European Union clearly mentioned that the prize for Hu Jia is truely for his fight and steps taken by him against the human rights in China.Infact Hu Jia was the contender for the Nobel Peace Prize 2008 and also he was the finalist in Sakharov prize for 2007.

The Chinese government said that the award for Hu Jia is like interfereing into the internal affairs of China.The Foreign Minister of China also said that Hu jia was jailed by the Chinese judicials and any news on him is like a disrespect for Chinese Government.Amidst this, next week in Beijing there going to be held a largest ever summit in which both the Asian and European leaders are going to meet about the Global issues and also the human rights will be included in the agenda.

It is clear that the persons who are dedicated about the welfare of the humans and fighting for human rights will definitely be addressed by the world and they will become the role model for the future generation. Mr.Hu Jia the long time human rights activist did a lot to the chinese people and he also rised his voice against the improper approach made by the Chinese government in Bejing Olympics.



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