Yahoo layoffs more than 1500 employees!

The layoffs are increasing around the world and in America it is now worst forever.Many companies are firing their employees in order to save their company from loss and to reduce their expenses.Yahoo has announced that it is going to slash 10 % of its work force, i.e more than 1500 employees are going to be sacked in near future.The internet giant is struggling along with the wall street and the companty’s third quarter result clearly says that the Yahoo is in trouble.The yahoo CEO Jerry  Yang said that their company is taking some initiative measures to reduce the cost and to be is safer side.He also said that the steps they are taking in this quarter will deliver both near-term benefits to operate cash flow, and substantially enhance the nimbleness and flexibility with which they are competing over the long term.He also said that the company is working on slashing the jobs and relocating offices inorder to reduce the cost of transportation.Yahoo also has some plans to negotiate with the real estates.Yahoo’s stock has been down in recent months due to concerns that companies would cut their online advertising spending as a result of the economic slowdown. Executives admitted that Yahoo’s performance has been taking a hit from the sluggish economy.Yahoo is now planning to execute some other strategy in order to increase their fourth quarter.It is expected that there may be more layoffs if the recession continues.

On the other Google has announced that it has increased its profit from previous.Now google is the biggest rivalry for Yahoo and Microsoft.


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