Indians used to work a lot

It has been said that Indians used to work for long time and their salary is much lower than the persons who works for 8 hours.Everything should be one only upto a limit.More than the limit might put you into danger.This post is regarding the working hours that is prevailing over in India. According to the Indian Constitution the working hours for an employee is only 8 hours and for a month totally 160 hours.So the monthly salary is based upon this only.Any work done after this is considered to be Over time and a special pay will be given to them.

The regularity in working hours prevailing in Other countries are completely different.The staffs will get out of the office immediately after working for 8 hours.This usually happens in United states and European nations.The employees will be punctual in everything and they work only for the salary what their company will give and not more than that.

But in India it is completely different,only the Government offices are following the regularities of labour act and employees welfare.The government servants in India will work only for eight hours per day.Anything more than that will have to be paid.But it is not with the private concerns.You should work in the office until you finish your work.If not you will be pressurized and finally resulting in firing from the office.Even my brother is experiencing the same.He works in a MNC company as Deputy Manager.Hope you would know what kind of job a deputy manager could have.Many would think that its the easiest thing to do and a job without any stress.But it is not so.My Bro leaves home by 7.30 am and comes home after 9.30 pm.Moreover he goes to office on saturdays also.If more work has to be done then he will go on sundays also.Really working for more than his salary.Never finds time interact with our family.Like this many people are dying for their work and sitting in office without thinking about their family.

In many IT companies this is the situation, since the work will be more they have to stay even after 11 pm also.This will lead them to stressful mind.Even couples staying away from each other,which will definitely lead to family problems.

The government should take a note on this and the regulations on the working hours should be regulated strictly and effectively.

Let us live with free mind.


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