Hithendran-Lead for the mission of Organ Donation

The young boy Hithendran is no more in earth but still lives in with atleast 8 other persons.The moment he met with accident, his brain was dead and he was dying.His parents came forward to donate their beloved son’s organs.They are the example for humanitarian and everyone should learn from them.This world can survive only when a human being helps another human being.

Now whatever happened is happened.It is the correct time to make a campaign regarding the awareness on Organ donation.The government as well as human welfare clubs should take necessary step for this.On tuesday,Hithendran’s parents were been honoured by the Governor of Tamil Nadu Mr.Surjit SIngh Barnala.In the function Hithendran’s parents Dr.Ashokan and his wife Dr.pushpanjali urged the people to take pledge for creating awareness on Organ donation.They requested the rotary clubs and the media to take this as a mission.They also said that the reason for their son’s death is head injuries and if he would have worn a helmet , then he could have been saved from death.They also said that the parents should take care of their children and must advise them on road safeties.

Now Hithendran is living in eight different persons making them to live long in this earth.Thus something has to be done to create an awareness on this organ donation.After felicitating Hithendran’s parents,the governor said that many lives can be saved because of organ donations.There are many people dying because of brain dead and there is not much social network to organise the organ donations.He also requested the rotary club to create awareness on organ donation.

I’m sure that from now the organ donations will be more since Hithendran and his parents made the first step for the awareness of the organ donation.

Hats off to Hithendran’s parents.


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