Chandrayaan Launched successfully!

The historic moment happened in Sriharikota,Andhra Pradesh, when India’s first unmanned rocket to moon has been sent successfully.The mission on moon started and this is a historic moment and a great achievement by the Indian Space researchers and scientists.This is the first Indian made rocket to be launched in lunar.The most important thing is that the first rocket to get out of oribt of earth and getting into action in the orbit of moon which is nearly 4 lac kilometers away from earth’s orbit.The mission is set to act on November 2nd.

Today morning the 52 hour countdown for the launch of chandrayaan finally came to an end.It was morning 6.20 am.Before that heavy rains lashed out the place and there was not clear clouds,the scientists thought about delaying the launch.But when the rocket is about to launch the rain stopped and there was clear sky leaving the way for clean take off from earth.With the rocket moving from the earth and getting into the glittering clouds with sun’s early rays was really a beautiful one.This mission on moon is not a revenue based mission and it is purely for the technology development.On november 2nd India’s flag will be pitted into the moon’s surface.

When the reporters asked about this to the ISRO chairman Mr.Madhava Nair,he said” this is a great and remarkable achievement in the ISRO’s history”.He also congratulated the scientists involved in this mission.The President of India and the Prime Minister too wished the ISRO scientists for their success.From this it is obvious that India is a rapid growing economy and technically we are strong.Because of this moon’s mission,the future generation will be able know more about the research on moon and also they use Indian Scientists books for reference.

There will be a research in the moon for the minerals and particles present in the surface of the moon.The chandrayaan mission is finally accomplished and ISRO is one step ahead.This is the first step in the way of going top of the world…

COngratulations to ISRO


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