Mumbai unsafe to live-North Indians attacked

The present situation is Maharastra is really a tensed one and the North Indians living up there do not have security for their lives.Since from four months the MNS party and its Chief Raj Thackeray is constantly rising his voice against the North Indians like Bihari’s,people of UP and other states of north India living in Mahastra.He wants only the Marathi’s to be in Maharastra.Even many bihari’s and others from north India have been beaten up by the MNS party workers and the people in Mumbai are unsafe and frightened because of this issue.Many Political parties and senior leaders condemned the act of the MNS party.So after nearly 2 months there wasn’t any problem created on this issue by the MNS party.But a fresh problem started provoked by Raj Thackeray.The MNS party worker attacked  the people who came for railway selection in Mumbai and messed up with them.Many got injured and police intervened the situation and solved the issue.By the mean time the Ahmedabad high court issued a non bailable warrant against the MNS chief Raj Thackeray and today morning he was arrested in Mumbai.Many protests and riots happened all over Maharastra and the police charged the people who involved in antisocial activities.

Many political leaders strongly condemned this act of MNS party and warned the people who are against the national disintegration.India is one country and anyone can travel anywhere in India and they can start business anywhere in India.There is no restriction for anybody over anything.There is no need for getting visa to enter Mumbai and all this should be understood clearly by the MNS party.It is obvious that the MNS party is provoked by Raj Thackeray and all this is being done for mere publicity.You cant make people as scape goats for individuals publicity.This is completely attrocious and against the constitution of India.To be honest the MNS chief really doesnot deserve jail.Something more has to be done on him.Moreover he should understand  that this is India and Maharastra is within India.Those who involve in national disintegration is not a true Indian Citizen.

According to the report,Raj thackeray has been put into jail till November 4 and his bail plea was also rejected.


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