IT companies in India can move to Japan.

Because of the slowdown in global economy and financial crisis all over the world there can be short term impact on the Indian IT companies and Business Outsourcing companies(BPO’S).The NASSCOM President Mr.Mittal said that the Indian companies are in down but the actual percentage can be said only during December, because the figures are rippling.He said that in the previous year the growth was 30 percent and now the growth is projected to 20-25 percent.All this down is due to the downfall in markets and the anxiety prevailing in United States.The Indian IT companies are eporting about 90 percent of the software to the US based companies and just 2 percent to the Japan.Japan is the second largest economy in the world.The opportunites in Japan for IT industries is really high and the Indian companies can consider Japan as the alternative to United States and Europe.Because of moving on to Japan,there will be a reduction in the dependence on US and European markets and India can stand higher when problem occurs in US and Europe.Since our fundamentals on the Economy is strong we are not facing that much crsis.The $108 billion Japan IT market could be the alternative for the US IT markets.So it will be a good option for the Indian IT sectors to move on to Japan for business.The Indian IT industries are trying to find a way to increase their profit.Though their quarter profit may go low compared to previous quarters, everything will be sorted out in soon.As a first step to increase their profit the hiring of freshers and recruitment has been stopped and many companies are postponing the training sessions for the freshers.

All these problems are only for short term and if the problem prevailing in United States is once solved then everything will come back to normal.


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