The Kollywood Directors and Producers slam Srilanka!!

The agitations all over TamilNadu has been started since the Tamilans in Srilanka are being brutally killed by the Srilankan army.As a operation of wiping out the LTTE from the Srilankan regime, the Srilankan President Mahinda RajaPakse has ordered the Srilanka Defence force to clear the Tamil’s Place and get rid of the LTTE’s.In this operation many innocent people and childern are being killed.The regular air strike in the places of Tamils made them to scare and they are moving out of their native places and going out as refugees.

Because of this, the voice of Tamilnadu has been raised against the brutal attack of Srilankan army and as first step the members of the Parliament belonging to DMK Party in India has submitted their resignation letters to the DMK chief.The DMK Chief set a deadline to the UPA government for 15 days that the Indian Government should take necessary action to stop the attacks on Tamils in Srilanka.

Moreover the TamilNadu Directors and Producers association made a meeting at Rameshwaram today keeping the agenda as this issue.In this the feelings of many people were expressed and the brotherhood nature has been oozed out in the meeting.The actor Mansoor Ali khan slammed the Srilankan government and its President and even abused with vulgar words.After him many directors ,producers and actors expressed their viiews on the attack.Especially the speech gave by the Director Seeman, was simply the best and he made everybody to think.Hope his speech will really open the eyes of sleeping Indian Government on this issue.Though the PrimeMinister has intervened in this issue,I dont think the attack will not end up.More or less all the people who spoke in the meeting slammed the Srilankan Government and its governance.Even some people’s speech were provoking and some of them’s were against the stage manners.No matter when it comes about saving the lives.For those who people read this please think that, tamil community in Srilanka is slowing vanishing and it has to be stopped.The lives of Tamil people should be saved and necessary steps to be taken for this.So start campaiging about this and lets take up this to the United Nations where the importance is given to peace.

Tamil Nadu is home to some 55 million Tamils who have ancestral links with Tamils in Sri Lanka.


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