Gambhir Hits Century!

The Delhi Youngster Gautam Gmbhir showed his excellence today in the day 4 of the second test between India and Australia.The IPL star and the budding cricketer played a brilliant innings and made India to be in the driver seat.The opening partnership between Gambhir and Virender Sehwag for 180 runs made India in a comfortable postion.Both of them played a blazing innings.Sehwag got a life when he was 86 abd it was clean catch in Johnson’s over, but the umpire denied the appealing of the Aussies.Then after three overs sehwag got out in the same fashion as he has to be got out in Johnson’s delivery.Peter Siddle took his wicket.After making a century Gambhir went on a shot in White’s ball and unfortunately it sen straight upto midoff.India were 254 for 2 when i posted this.

Indian are moving on with a pretty decent runrate.


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