Contaminated water for the Bangalore residents!

Many parts of the Bengaluru are recieving contaminated drinking water and because of this many are been affected and hospitalised.Many kids are suffereing form diarrhoea,Jaundice and other water borne diseases.Even though continous complaints were made to the water board, no action has been taken yet.The bangalore residents are suffering because of this water.The color of the water is in yellow and has some particles in it.The hotels in Bangalore drain out their wastes inside the ground and because of the improper drainage system, the waste gets clogged and the drinking water is contaminated.BWSSB Chief Engineer (Maintenance) T. Venkataraju said the area engineers inspected the sumps of all the houses in the locality to check if there was any problem with the house connections.“The engineers have collected samples and will get them tested in two or three days.“The domestic pipeline of one house was damaged resulting in mixing of water with sewage. There is no need to panic as only a few houses could be affected because of this. Meanwhile, we are supplying tanker water to the area,” he said.

Even though they say like this, there wont be any action taken against this until this matter goes to the senior officials.They have to understand the problem being faced by the residents and hope they know the hazards of drinking the contaminated water.Thus something has to be done against this issue.


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