Lewis Hamilton wins the Chinese Grand Prix

After winning the pole position in the Chinese Grand prix in Shanghai,Lewis Hamilton sustained his position and came first in the final of Chinese Grand Prix.The McLaren team is heading towards the championship after nine years.Lewis Hamilton finished the race with a considerable lead of 15 seconds ahead of Brazil’s Felipe Massa.

The American and McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton did a fantastic job on the track and gained 10 points.The Brazil Grand Prix will be the decider of the Championship of the year.The second place was Ferrari’s Felipe Massa and the third was Kimi Raikkonen.The winner of Singapore Grand Prix Fernando Alonso finished fourth and failed to meet his team’s expectations.

Initially the ForceIndia driver Sutil and Trulli didnot get classified and then in 7 th lap Kovalaine had some trouble with his car and he was out of the race.Force India Finished 12 th.

With lot of expectations ,Brazil Grand prix will be the decider.Lewis Hamilton is the favourite to win the F1 title for 2008.


In a lap of little incident, Hamilton got off the line well from pole position and led from start to finish.

“It was a great start, one of the best we have had this year, which was needed,” Hamilton said. “From there it was pretty smooth sailing.”Raikkonen was second for most of the race, before conceding that position to Massa on lap 50 of 56 to keep the Brazilian’s title hopes alive.

“Lewis had the better car the whole weekend,” Massa said.


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