Kingfisher revises the salaries of trainee co-pilots!

The global crisis didnot leave the civil aviation sector in India.There is a huge turbulence in the aviation sector and major aviation industries are under loss.Because of this downfall in Aviation Industry,the Kingfisher airlines have announced that there will be a salary revision for the trainee co-pilots and the salary for them might go down.But it also been said that, this is only for temporary and the employees could enjoy the other benefits with the airlines as before.The Chairman of UB group Vijay Mallya took this step since he focussed on the reduction of the expenses and downfall of the aviation sector.

It is already known that JetAirways sacked nearly 1900 employees due to save its industry and the same reinstated the employees.The decision by Kingfisher is taken after the alliance with JetAirways and it is obvious that the civil aviation sector is under trouble and the government has to take interim action favouring this situation.Whatever it may be the reason if the company is in financially bad situation ,it is the probationaries who are made scape goats since they cannot rise their voice against the big concern and the new environment.


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