White wine Vs Red Wine.

The wine can be used as medicine and it was a traditional way to use asmedicines.The wine was used as sedatives,antiseptics and used as ingredients in other medicines.It is believed from 1970 that moderate intake of red wine has some beneficial effects as a preventive for coronary disease and for some forms of cancer.The atioxidants present in the red wine will reduce the risk of heart disease and research proved that it can be used to reduce the bad cholesterol.The revesterol which used as a medicine is found in the skin of the grapes is used in the production of the red wine.The white wine is made from grape pulp and for the grape skin should be removed quickly.But it is believed earlier that the White wines doesnot have any beneficial factors.But now in a study it has been found that the white wine has the same benefits what the red wine has.The reversterol found in red wines is much higher but the anti oxidants are more only in white wines and they can also be used a factor to reduce the coronary heart disease.The white wines can be an alternative for the hard liquors and for the people who are addictive to the alcohol.So moderate amount of intake will be a healthier one.


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