US Markets feels the heat!

The Commerce Department says housing starts fell more than 6 per cent to an annual rate of 817,000 units in September, below the 880,000 units forecast by Wall Street economists.Over months the US Market feels the pressure and even many banks went bankrupt.The US Government’s bailout package was announced and there wasnt any improvement in stock markets even since then.Because of this the markets around the globe are also suffereing from the crisis and the sensex points are down everyday.Most investors are facing the loss and the global economy is in Danger.To be precise US economy is in danger.The report is a reminder that the original source of much of the economy’s turmoil, the housing market, remains troubled. A growing belief that the nation is either in a recession or heading for one has set off selling in the stock market this week. The Dow Jones industrial average is down 215 at the 8,763 level. Stocks are falling in early trading after a government report that home construction fell more than expected last month to the lowest place since early 1991. .However this recession may be sorted out,but it will definitely take some long time to come back again.All the problems are due to the anxiety among the investors and the happenings in the US domestic politics.Hope for a speedy recovery.


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