Tamilans are attacked in Srilanka!

The long war between the LTTE and the Srilankan Army now became worse than ever.The LTTE leader Vellu pilai Prabhakaran is fighting against the Srilankan Government for the liberalisation of Tamils.The war has now turned into blood bath situation in Tamilans living places in Srilanka.The SriLankan Airforce continously pouring  bombs in the places of LTTE and many Tamils are dying because of this.Each day morning they get woke up because of the explosion. The situation is really bad and even school childrens are been terrified by this air attacks.The children and womens are hiding out in bunkers and in many other safety places.Many people started to move from their places and migrating towards the safest place.Many people died and even many childrens fighting for their lives.This came under the notice of the people of TamilNadu and many agitations started to arose around TamilNadu. As a serious thing, the DMK Union Ministers and the Member Of the Parliaments belonging to DMK gave their resignation letters to the DMK chief Mr.Karunanidhi who is fighting for the rights of Tamils for years.Now since the attack on the Tamils continues there was a request given by the DMK chief and the Chief Minister of TamilNadu to PrimeMinister of India to take necessary action inorder to save the lives of tamils living in Srilanka.Even many organisations in Tamilnadu started to rise their voice against the Srilankan government.

The film chamber and the actors association decided today that they are going to make a fasting in Rameshwaram against this crude attack on Tamilans by Srilankan army.Since the condition is going worse, the Prime Minister of India Mr.Manmohan Singh intervened the situation and condemned the government of Srilanka to making an attack on innocent Tamils.He also made a statement that these attacks should be stopped immediately.

The people of Tamilnadu will definitely rise their voices if there is a problem to their brothers and sisters in the neighbouring country.


3 thoughts on “Tamilans are attacked in Srilanka!”

  1. Karthik,

    A good, neutral and a humanitarian note. I welcome you as a person who support stopping suffering of people irrespective of caste/creed or race!

    We should remember that LTTE should own up half responsibility for the suffering by Lankan Tamils;

    1. They back tracked from the interim solution peace agreement for their selfish moves. They wanted to change a term as “LTTE is the only representative of SL Tamils”!
    2, This made Chandrika weak because all the Sinhala zealots in her party stamped her as a traitor. Paved way for zealots like Rajapakse in power.

    I don’t know why LTTE is hiding behind civilians when Lankan Army attack?
    Why Lankan Army cannot remove civilians from battle area to avoid civilian casualties?
    Why some people in TN (Politicians/Movie Folks) shout only when LTTE is attacked? (Civilians were suffering for long, all the protests are happening when LTTE is losing a bloddy battle?

    As a Tamil speaking Indian, I am eager to know!

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