PSP 3000 officially launched!

Hope the game lovers definitely will start to have fun with the new PSP 3000.The next version of the playstation has been launched now.This After the early shots, PSP 3000 is now officially available across the US and rest of North America at a retail price of $199 starting today.  PSP-3000 Ratchet & Clank Entertainment Pack kit consists of Silver PSP , copy of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters video game, a National Treasure 2 UMD movie, 1GB memorystick and an online download voucher for echochrome. If you don’t want the silver PSP , another PSP 3000 black kit which will feature black colour PSP 3000along with 4 GB memory stick will be released next month. This PSP 3000 is the third revision in the PSP family, the first one being the FAT PSP, the second one  Slim and lite PSP and this one is being called PSP Brite( because of its ultra bright screen) among the PSP enthusiasts.


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