IT Companies cuts off its expenses.

It is obvious that IT companies in India are been hit drastically because of down in markets here as well in United States.The IT Majors already gave pink slips to many of its employees and they also reduced the recruitment process as compared to the previous year.Even the hiring of the people who already got selected has not been called  for training process.These are all the strategical way to reduce the expenses of the company and to prevent the company from further loss.

Apart from all those things now the IT companies have focussed on the cutting the expenses on stationary items and sanitary napkins.It has been said that there in many IT firms there are no pens and pencils.The employees are requested to bring pens and moreover the employees have been asked to use the stationary items in useful way.It is a usual thing the the employers will take some stationary items to their home from office.But this is also been watched and people doing this will have to face the penalty.When asked about this to my friend working in an IT firm in Bangalore,he confirmed me that this is what happening in IT companies.In many companies the napkins to wipe the hand after wash is not available ,and when asked about this, the reply was no stock.But actually these are all the acts of cutting the expenses and these things will really make a big impact on the reduction of cost.

Even the rates of the food items in the canteen have been increased since the companies withdrew their subsidies being provided to the canteen.The price for one meal is now is Rs.35 which was Rs.15 before.The transportation charges also hiked and now the companies are finding the loop holes to increase their money in the banks.Anyways these are all will be only for few days and everything will comeback normal as the markets recession period gets over.


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