Power Failure in Chennai-DMK deteriorates!!

The most influential and the present ruling party in TamilNadu now facing a real crucial situation in TamilNadu.There has been lot of talks about the administration policy carried out by the ruling party DMK(Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam).The DMK won the elections mainly due its election manifesto which was really a different one and the most attractive one.The Party Leader announced in the Election manifesto that the issue of Free color Television, Co-oporative society loan waivers and Free 2 acres land for farmers.Moreover in another announcement he said that”The Rice provided in the groceries will be given to Rs.2 and now it has been turned into for Re.1 and then Free Gas Stove and Gas Cylinder.These statements made People in Tamil nadu  to vote for DMK.But what happened after the Election.For first two months everything happened as per in the manifesto and slowed down gradually.

It is the second successful year of DMK’s rule.People started to get fed up with this government as they got affected by the administration policies of the DMK.Recent thing is the Power failure.The whole TamilNadu is suffereing from Power Failure and industries are being shutdown.This has not happened for the past 10 years.When asked about this to the State Power Minister Mr.Arcot Veerasamy his reply was” Due to shortage of production in Current , all this power shutdown process is going on”.Even the major city in India ,Chennai is sufereing too with this power failure. One hour Power cut in Chennai has become regular and outside Chennai it is 2 hours.The one hour regulation is followed in Chennai, but what about Outside Chennai?.Outside Chennai people are suffereing from Power failure for nearly 6 hour to 8 hours.When i called up my friend in Kumbakonam and asked about this power failure,he told me that the power failure there is for 8 hours.He also said that he has an Inverter at his home and there is no enough power for charging the inverter.It was a funny thing but really has to be thought about.

Another thing is in the raise for milk prices.The milk prices went up to all time high and it has been raised from Rs.6 to Rs.8.The milk packets provided by the private sectors has been raised to Rs.10.This really made people of TamilNadu to suffer since milk is an essential product.Next is this hike of bus fare as a part of strategy . Officially the Government hasn’t announced the increase in Bus fares, but as a part of its startegical move,New buses have been introduced in the name of AIrbuses and A/c buses.The fares in these buses are really very high.In fact in peak hours there will be no L.S.S buses or White boards.All the buses plying during the peak hours will be either Airbuses or A/c buses.Though this information is not concrete, but this is what happening.

The Opposition makes some strong comments on the ruling party and the most experienced DMK leader and the Chief Minister Of TamilNadu is consdering about the situatuion very carefully.The kingmaker of India Mr.M.Karunanithy is the one who is focussing on the welfare of Tamilnadu people and the problem all is with the persons very close to him and not him.The Chief Minister has to consider about the changing of setup in the administration in TamilNadu . However this is too early to say that the DMK party is losing its vote.It may come back Strongly by answering all these problems.


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