Jet Airways calls back its sacked employees!!


It may be the bad week for the jet Airways employees and for its administration side.On wednesday Jet Airways sacked nearly 800  employees and after that more, 1100 employees were given pink slip.The sacked employees decided to take this issue to political side.But before all those things, the Jet Airways Chairman Mr.Naresh Goyal has decided that all the sacked employees can join the company again.He said that, he dont want to see any tears from his employees and said that they are all like his family.He also said that the deicision to sack his employees was an unfortunate situation and it was taken merely to save the company.Thus Jetairways reinstates all the sacked employees back again.But there might be a salary revision.

The employees face turned up with happiness and they are free of pressure , that they got their jobs back.However jetairways will seriously look into the issue and will try to save the company from crisis.Lot of tie ups with JetAirways can be expected.

All the best Jet Airways!!!


One thought on “Jet Airways calls back its sacked employees!!”

  1. This is a bad for business and employment both. It is a LOSE-LOSE situation.

    Companies will be loath to hire anyone, thereby lakhs of jobs will no longer be created.
    Companies would shy away from setting up in India.

    If Employees can resign and go anytime citing better opportunities, why can’t employer ask a employee to leave citing bad economic conditions?

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