Indian Bank really not supportive to the customers.

I m having an savings account in Indian bank,Chetput Branch,Chennai for the past five years.I got the Educational loan from this bank and according to the bank regulations I should open an account with that branch.So i did and i got the educational loan too.The greatest mistake i done was i didint apply for the debit card at that moment when i opened the bank account.So now i m really in need of debit card and so I went there to apply for ATM cum debit card.The official dealing with this ATM has told me to come after 15 days.So after a long wait when i went there,the staff gave me a shocking reply, saying that i didnot apply for the ATM itself.I told her about everything, but her reply was the same.Then i have to wait for another 15 days.Today it was the 15th day and so i went up there to get my ATM card.But again an  irresponsible answer.She said that all the official numbers for my ATM card is there in the system , but the problem is the card has not yet come.The most astonishing thing was that the people who applied for ATM after me got their cards, but i didnt.When i told her that I’m running behind for this ATM card for one month, she said calmly that “This is what Indian bank means”.Is this the way to treat the Bank customers?Is this the reason why people are preferring Privatised bank sectors where the customer support is most important?Today it became really irritating for me, since i have to go for nearly 14 kms from my home to the Indian bank to withdraw money.Moreover I have transferred some money from my paypal account to my bank account,but even that has not yet been credited.When i enquired about that, they simply asked what is “Paypal”?. I dont where the nationalised banks are going on.Even my friend experienced the same thing in Canara bank.When my friend went to BSNL office to enquire about the broadband connection to the  customer support section.The person sitting over there was sleeping and when my friend woke him up , he said “please do not disturb me”, please enquire somewhere else”.This is what happening in government sectors.What happen if these person sacked from their jobs? Immediate union stirke will be called off.But this will not happen in case of Private sectors, immediate layoffs will be given to the persons who are not supporting the customers.This is the difference between the Private and Government sectors.There some people in banks who can’t even see the documents properly because of poor vision.We want to change the whole setup in government banks and the old ones should be promoted and the younger people should be kept in banking process.This is thoroughly my point of view about the government banks and if anybody really get hurt because of this, I apologise to them.


One thought on “Indian Bank really not supportive to the customers.”

  1. Every thing in india is like this . . There are many youngster with out job . . if there are not interested means give chance to those . .

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