Australian media slams Ganguly!

The first match between India and Australia ended in a tie.There was a for chance for both sides to win the game but the Pitch was really poor in Fifth day.When India was to reply the Australian’s target of 299 in the fifth day,It was obvious that the body language of Indians players showed a clear defensive mode to save the game.They never showed any attacking mode in the game.When India lost its four wickets, it was Ganguly and Laxman standing on the crease.But unfortunately the play was suspended due to bad light for the first time in the fifth day.After some improvement with light the players came on to the field.Australians came on earlier than the Indian batsmen.Even Laxman came but not Sourav.There was some chaos going on in the field.After Ganguly came to field the game started and thereafter again the play suspended due to bad light.Eventually the umpires announced that the Match is drawn.Everything was finished then.But the problem started with Zaheer’s statement saying that Australians were in defensive mode and they tried to save the game.This started the war of words, Ricky Ponting replied for Zaheer’s statement that they are not bothered about his comments.

After all, today morning the Australian Newspapers slammed Sourav Ganguly for slowing down the match.The newspapers stated that Ganguly persuaded the umpires to go off the field and he purposely took some time to come on field again.The newspapers also said that Ganguly made some tactics for delaying the play inorder to make a draw.

Dont know why Australian media points out Ganguly for this.What would have happened if anyone in Australia got injured in the play and the time is delayed, will they blame Australia for slowing down the game.This is not fair with Australian media to make bad impression on the great legend who is going to retire from cricket.

Hope everything goes well from here!!!


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