Saint Alphonsa-First Indian Women saint

On sunday Pope Benedict XVI canonised four catholic figures.Among the four , Alphonsa an Indian nun was also announced as a Saint.She is the first Indian nun who became Saint.Sister Alphonsa was a nun from India and born in Kerala.She lived in an extreme physical and spiritual suffering.She gave her life to Christianity and started her missionary for people of India.She was completely devoted to god and helped lot of people.When she died in 1946 a chapel was built with her name,Alphonsa chapel.From her time of death lot of miracles happened inside the chapel.A mentally challenged women when she took away Alphonsa’s dress and her mattress she got cured completely.Even after that when two physically handicapped persons worshipped her burial place , they got cured from their problem completely.Many more miracles happened there and people said that Alphonsa was a Saint.Her burial place became a pilgrimage site.But it was not canonised by the vatican city.The Process of Alphonsa’s canonisation, the step-by-step procedure of raising a person to the high pedestal of a saint in the catholic church, began in 1953 with the church setting up a Diocesan tribunal.The Christianity in India and christians in Kerala celebrates the canonisation of Alphonsa sister and masses are being conducted all over India to pay tribute to her.Hundreds of visitiors in the sleepy town of Bharananganam in Kerala’s christian heartland offered special prayers ahead of the canonisation of sister Alphonsa.It is proud for India that she is the first Indian women to be canonised as Saint.The Pope Benedict XVI praised her that”May we imitate her iin shouldering our own crosses so as to join her one day in paradise.”Kerala celebrates this is grand manner with crackers bursting and toll of church bells.The ceremony for crowning the new saint was held at the Fransican clarist convent.

Prayer brings victory!!


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