Remedy for Bad Breathe!!


Ingredients: honey and fresh squeezed lemon juice

Instructions: In the morning and at night before bed take the juice ofone fresh squeezed lemon and mix with a little honey to taste and drink. Besides the absence of bad breath, you will also notice that you will feel more energized and rejuvenated. For extra punch, may also add cinnamon or cayenne powder.


INGREDIENTS: Parsley OR your doctor!

INSTRUCTIONS: If all else fails, go to the doctor. I had really bad breath, and it was because I had a tumor. Upset stomach, foods eaten, tooth decay, and real illness are all expressed in your breath. Parsley (chewed fresh)works if it’s upset stomach or food. The rest require medical intervention.



INSTRUCTIONS : Chewing parsley totally relieves bad breath. Its an old remedy, but was forgotten with the invention of gum/mints/etc. Why do

you think they put it on your plate at restaurants? !? Carry some in a baggy in your purse/pocket.


Ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate),Salt,Water (Preferably Purified) , Tongue scraper

Instructions: Mix one part water with one part peroxide. You can find peroxide in every pharmacyAdd a pinch of salt and a pinch of baking soda so that it is not very salty but you can still taste the salt.This is your mouth wash. You can add some essential oil or peppermint for taste but it is not neccessary Scrape your tounge with the tongue scraper or brush it with a tooth brush. Don’t brush too hard!!Then swish and gargle with the mouthwash you made above for a couple of minutes.Repeat twice per day or as needed. You will never have to buy mouthwash again.


Ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide

Instructions: I have suffered for many years with this terrible problem. I have prayed for a cure and can tell you honestly that I tried everything. It was so bad people would offer me mints or gum. I knew I had a problem, but I did not know how to fix it.Well one day looking on the internet, I saw “hydrogen peroxide 3%” used as a mouthwash. I figured what the heck, one more thing to try. After I tried it, I could not believe the results. I actually brushed my tongue and it worked immediately. It is safe yo use and so inexpensive. Best of luck!


Ingredients: Mint leaves

Instructions: Chew on mint leaves and your breathe will be fresh. This is an austrian thing, and I have used it myself and it works really well.


Ingredients: baking soda water

Instructions: mix baking soda in a cup of water then gargle with it


Ingredients: Tropical Fruit named : Paw Paw

Instructions: Cut paw paw open ,scoop out pips and cut into wedges or bite size cubes,eat at least 2-3 dessert bowls of bite size cubes daily.This realy is very good for cleaning the stomach which is often the real cause of bad breath.Make this part of your daily dietand I guarentee it will stop bad breath. I got this remedy from a Docters article in a South African family magazine,


Ingredients: CLOVE (whole)

Instructions: Chew a entire clove or if it’s too spicy for you, keep it in your mouth. It’s the best for bad breath (even toothache!).

Name of Remedy: Bad Breath

Ingredients: Bicarbonate Soda

Instructions: Brush your teeth with a little pinch of the soda, using a regular tooth paste after and it does the trick. Meaning, it will stop the bad breathe from coming through.. What i personally try and do is, brush my teeth with the soda in the morning and in the evening, floss (properly), brush with regular tooth paste, rinse and then rinse again using lukewarm water and salt. To maintain a healthy gum and fresh breath means investing a lot of time towards looking after it, flossing and cleaning properly (a good five minutes) twice and day – morning and evening. Good Luck.


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