FIFA 09 review!

After genuine revolution for the series of FIFA 08, the EA sports now released the Fifa 09 in high notes.For a while now EA’s money making powerhouse has been creeping up the quality ladder, with solid tweaks to its game engine, functioning online play and a more simulation approach to gameplay. FIFA 09 is the culmination of all of those tweaks. It is the coming together of a game engine now supremely confident that it is the most realistic representation of the game of football the industry has to offer. And it is the best FIFA game ever made.FIFA 09 also allows you to define tactical presets, and then map these plans to a d-pad menu, so if you go behind late in the game, you could push your full-backs forward and press for an equaliser at the touch of a button, or if you’re 2-0 up you could load the midfield. There are slider bars for all sorts of variables, and toggles for things like playing the offside trap. As ever, whether your team can do all the things you ask of them is down to their individual stats, and you still have the option to pick and tweak standard formations, set up man marking and kick takers, and drop Dirk Kuyt even though you love him, in the standard way.My first few matches I don’t bother with the new Custom Tactics or editing my formation, I dive straight into a ten minute game on World Class difficulty. I’d like to say at this point that I play FIFA with all manual settings but I had the shooting on semi in an attempt to familiarise myself with, well everything! I never had a problem with the running animations but they all look great, accompanied by the very detailed graphics and physical animations which alone take this game into it’s own league. Given the six-month period of time between Euro 2008 and FIFA 09, it’s no surprise that the two games play similarly. However, the pace has quickened slightly, passes need to be directed with even greater accuracy, and the referees seem even more eager to dish out cards. The most noticeable improvement is in the physical quality of the players. Attackers point to where they want the ball, defenders direct offside violations to the linesmen, and everyone has lost that plastic look from FIFA 08 that was so off-putting. More than any game in the series, FIFA 09 makes you think before you shoot. You’re forced to craft goal scoring opportunities cautiously, eking out killer through balls only when defenders have been pulled out of position, or players have made penetrating runs (they now raise their hand when calling for a pass, Wayne Rooney style – a useful and realistic visual clue for when to hit through balls). At least that’s how it plays out during the first hour or so of a match.Manager Mode, EA’s attempt to compete with Konami’s revered Master League, also returns in tweaked but not expanded form, even though it’s not mentioned on the box or in the manual. It puts up another stern test, allowing you to play around with a transfer budget, field weakened teams in the cup and get turfed out by your board if you don’t win enough games, which you control in standard fashion. One of the most intriguing parts of this year’s edition, for me at least, has been the introduction of the new Custom Tactics. I have spent a bit of time here getting to know how exactly each part works and how it will affect the layout,style and attitude of your chosen team. New online features aren’t limited to 10-vs-10 in FIFA 09. The game also incorporates the Adidas Live Season–similar to a feature in this year’s NBA Live–whereby real-world stats updates are sent to your console on a weekly basis. The game comes bundled with an access code for one free English, German, Spanish, French, Mexican, or Italian premier league, whereas additional leagues can be purchased either individually or as a set.  EA still hasn’t managed to nail football players on the head – most look like hulking apes just as they did in the last game, with low foreheads and beady eyes. At least now they don’t look fat though – one of our main graphical gripes with 2008’s effort. And EA was clearly staying up late with the rest of the football world on transfer deadline day. Robinho’s at Manchester City and Berbatov is at Manchester United.FIFA 09 feels like a proper football game. It used to pretend to be football, dressed up in face masks and gluey boots, but these days football is exactly what it’s computing. And the face masks are prettier too.

The good thing is that “Mouse control for first time, physics improvements” The bad things is that “Online gameplay options still limitedVerdictIn the past PC gamers have been short changed by EA when it comes to the FIFA series and this appears to be an attempt to make amends”

Finally the rating for fifa 09 can be given as 8.5 out of 10.

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