20th Century Robbery!!Unbelievable

The biggest of robbery of 20th century  was, what could it be?.Could it be money? no it is not the money.Is it Gold? the answer is nope.

Then is it a Diamond?,No ,the robbe thing is much precious than diamond.It may be OIL..It was not even oil.

The biggest robbery on earth in 20th century was the land acquirement by the Israel in Palestinian region.The battle between the Israel and Palestine is going on over decades and there isnt any solution yet.It was in 1947 where the UN Partion made in Palestine region and it was seperated as jewish and palestine.Then between 1946-1967 it was Israel conquered one third of the palestinian land.Now the palestinian region can be found only through microscope in the world map.The photo will tell you what is all about..

The portion in green is Palestinian Land and in White is the Israel Land.Look at the difference.


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