Spat Between Zaheer and Haddin

If it is India Vs Australia then you can expect lot of controversies involved in the series.So it started from the first test between India and Australia.Today when Zaheer and Harbhajan was on the crease , the Aussies started to show their faces.When Zaheer was playing, the Australian Young Wicket keeper Brad Haddin made some comments on Zaheer.Zaheer on hearing this went upto him asked him about the comments.So there was strong exchange of words between Zaheer and Haddin.After that rain stopped the play and when Zaheer and Harbhajan was moving to their dressing Ponting enquired about the happening around there between Haddin and Zaheer. Zaheer clarified his stand on the spat . Zaheer was already once involved in the exchange of words with the English Players in England.

When India toured Australia , there was war of words between Harbhajan and Andrew Symonds, which is a known fact to everyone. Is Australia filling up the place of Pakistan ? Whenever it is between India and Australia lot of controversies happens and media gains lot of news during their matches.

Cricket is just a sport and dont know why these people are making it ugly.The individuals perceptions should be kept apart when are you are in sports.Hope everything goes well from here on.


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