Another Car accident by Britney Spears!

Britney Spears the popular pop singer made herself into trouble again.Yesterday she involved in another car accident with a photographer.The incident occured two hours later her lawyer rejected her plea in driving without a driver’s license.This was really serious since she get into another one without license.

Fortunately, she  wasn’t driving the car and it was her bodyguard driving it.He was taking Britney Spears to the vintage clothes store in hollywood.The accident was not a major one and it was just a fender bender.The mistake was with the paparazzi car which involved with the accident.According to the store perrson , the paparazzi intercepted the Britney’s car and slammed her.It was completely the mistake of Paparazzi car.The incident happened at 2 pm and he also told that Britney wasn’t driving the car.

Britney escapes from another controversy..


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