US Election Campaign-An Overview

If the people around the world can vote for the US Presendential candidate, then the favorite would be Barack Obama.Because people all around the world likes Obama to be the next US President, except in United states.In US the Republican John McCain is ahead of Obama marginally.However this survey was only done with 1000 participants and there may be some difference in this survey.Overall the world wants the Democratic Obama and the United States wants the Republican John McCain.

Already there was a strong comment made by McCain about Obama’s donation camp.McCain said that Obama is receiving lot of donations from the other countries, which is not under the rule of Election Commission.This arose as a big issue.In some other surveys made in US ,Obama was on the lead.So this election may provide close results.

Obama is overspending on television advertisements than McCain in the ratio of 3:1;Between Sept 30 to this monday Obama has spent nearly 20 million dollars for advertisement in Television ads,But McCain spent only 7.2 million dollars for advertisement in Television.This shows who is the expensive candidate.Obama on new Tv ad included that McCain is trying to change the subject from the economy.In this ad it is said that McCain is out of touch and has no ideas to improve the Economy of the country.

According to me, instead of these two people shouting at each other, they can make a campaign against the Global warming which is major weapon against the globe.It may outbursts in near future.So it will be a good idea if these two candidates make a awareness programme on global warming, and it will reach the people effectively.


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