Smoking banned in India!!

After a long fight back against Tobacco in India to ban it , finally the governmen of India took action and banned it.The Health Minister Of India has made the necessary amendments and passed a bill against smoking.According to the Act smoking at public places are considered to be an offense and immediate action will be taken.There will be a heavy fine levied for smoking in public places.The act came into action from October 2nd and still it is effective.It says that smoking in public places like railway stations, bus stands,theaters,marriage halls,shopping malls and other places are offensive.Even smoking is banned inside houses also.I dont know how Mr.Ramadoss will inspect whether people are smoking inside their houses are not.Moreover, is this act really in effective? No not at all..Police personals are not taking any action against any smokers even when they are smoking in public places.But the shopkeepers are warned of not selling any loose match sticks.

Will this ban on smoking at public places will make a strong impact on smokers? yes definitely it will make a huge impact.The smokers may feel that their privacy is gone and they might slowly get rid of this habit.They will also definitely think that for just Rs.5 cigaratte why should we lose Rs.500.Definitely there will be much difference in number of smokers in near future.But i dont know why the government of India did not ban the cigaratte companies.It is better to ban the cigaratte companies instead of having a less number of smokers.

Smoking is injurious to health!!


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