Ganguly Retires!!

It’s time for the farewell of the Bengal Prince,Sourav Ganguly.The veteran Cricketer finally decided to retire from the international cricket.India’s One of the best captains, said that he will retire from the cricket after the India-Australia Series that is going to be held this month.Ganguly has brought many laurels to Indian Cricket and India.Ganguly made India to be in the WorldCup finals for the Second time.His enthusiastic sporting action and his aggressive nature in the field made a new style in the world of Cricket.

For the past two years, after stepping down from Indian Captain Ganguly was not treated properly and he was denied at all occasions.He was dropped from the Indian team for several times.But the Dada came back strongly with his bat and showed the World that he is still fit to play International Cricket.Even though his handful performances for India, due to some Internal Politics going on in Indian Cricket has made him to announce his retirement.However he also said that he will continue playing for Kolkata KnightRiders.

Dada , the Great Cricketer made himself as a second player after Sachin Tendulkar.His fast growing in Cricket made everybody to think and even many people thought that he would break all record made by Sachin.But his declination in Cricket made his popularity to vanish.The Bowlers always find difficult to bowl offside when it is Ganguly.He is a great Stork maker of Offside and his timings made a great difference in his batting.Not only a batsmen but also a very good bowler he is.Overall India is missing an All-rounder.Among the three persons who crossed the milestone of 10000runs in Cricket,Ganguly is the one.He has scored 15 centuries from 130 tests.

All cricketers around the world has praised Ganguly’s decision to retire.Ganguly said that he want to leave the Cricket with a winning knock for his team.This might be the best situation for Ganguly to retire as many youngsters are emerging into the world of Cricket. When history speaks about Ganguly, no one can forget his celebration at lord after winning the Natwest series against England.History will never forget Sourav Ganguly and his contribution to Indian Cricket.I hope he will provide many youngsters from his coaching.

Farewell to Ganguly!!!!


5 thoughts on “Ganguly Retires!!”

  1. Gangully is wonderfull player and sixer is a great shot.he is my favorite player.gangully reteried means here after i will didn’t see the cricket match.

  2. ganguly is a god of the cricket. compared to sachein
    tendulkar sourav is always captain in the world cricket team.the prince of kolkatta and the tiger of west bengal is always top in the indian cricket history bcoz 2003 world cup india was entered in the final. sachien throygh away from the indian team.dravid and ganguly again select in indian team. regards
    great fan of sourav ganguly

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