Release of Sarabjit Singh?

Sarabjit singh who was fighting for his life in Pakistan prison for the past 17 years on a row to death sentence is now about to be released.There were many voices given from India for the release of Sarabjit.With the request of Indian Government Pakistan has delayed the Death sentence of Sarabjit Singh.

Now the Family of Sarabjit singh feel really happy since there were postive signals form the Pakistan Government regarding Sarabjit’s release.Pakistan Law Minister Farooq Naek met Sarabjit in Lahore jail and studied the case completely.After meeting Sarabjit, who is languishing for more than 17 years in the prison, Naek said he had sought his file from the Jail Superintendent to study the case.

Sarabjit’s sister Kaur said that after the meeting between Minister and her brother, they had telephonic conversations with the member of PPP the ruling party.It’s been said that Sarabjit’s daughter spoke with him.They have been assured by the Pakistan Government that they will get a postive outcome soon.

She also added that the family members are going to meet the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and congress leader Rahul Gandhi.If Sarabjit walk free from Pakistan jail then it would be big moment not only for his family but also for the whole India.Because that will be a huge victory of humanity.

The Pakistan Government has announced that it is going to consider Sarabjit’s plea not in the Lawful mode, but on the way of human kind. These Positive statements from Pakistan side , are the signs for the release of SarabjitSingh.


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