Biden mourns!!


The Delaware Senator Biden has announced that the campaigns on Monday and Tuesday will be cancelled due to his mother in laws death.Amidst the hot campaigns going on in US , the mother in law of Biden died.She actually been hospitalised for months and her health was in critical.Doctors have reported that she could be off the world anytime.The same day she faced the death.Because of her death Biden cancelled all the election campaign events for monday and tuesday.Biden spokesman David Wade wrote that “Other details will follow, but we appreciate everyone’s respect for the family’s privacy during this difficult time.”

The death comes on the same day as Biden’s son Beau deploys with the National Guard unit.Besides all the political events going on, Biden really gave importance, to respect his family. He mourns for the death of his mother in law.

Let media be respectful in their family privacies.

Senator Biden, while I do not believe in your Presidential candidate’s socialistic viewpoints, I wish you and your family condolences during this time period.


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