Talks failed between Ratan Tata and Buddhadeb-Nano Relocated

The controversial Nano project and its home singur will not face any more problems from now, as TATA decided to pull out the Nano project from Singur,WestBengal.Since the agitation triggered by the TMC leader Mamata Banerjee , the project Nano started to become a suspicious one.On September 7 there was a talk between the West Gengal Chief Minister and the Opposition Leader Mamata Banerjee mediated by Governor of WB.Though the talks seem to bring an end to this problem, again Mamata Banerjee started to quote the Media that  the agitation may continue.This made Tata to take a decision on Singur crisis.Before announcing that Tata will pull out Nano Project from Singur,there held a meeting between the Chief Minister of WB and a Ratan Tata.But again the talks between them failed. So finally Tata decided to move out from singur and also Tata proclaimed that the Nano will be relocated at some other state.Tata also announced that,the decision was mainly taken in order to protect its employees and its contractors.Tata also said that the decision is due to Mamata Banerjee and her provoking agitation.Will there be a big impact on WestBengal’s Revenues because of this decision by Tata?..Even Infosys have announced that it is going  to consider the new plant going to be built in West Bengal.All because of this political drama the normal persons are going to get affected and not the politicians.This made the bad impression on West Bengal’s governance and the investors now considering to make a huge investment in West Bengal.According to my point of view this is the failure of West Bengal Government and Mr.Buddhadeb should take the full responsibilty.This is a shameful thing for India because , an Indian is being suppressed by another Indian instead of encouraging.


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