Samsung SGH 1600-Review


The Samsung SGH 1600 ,the sexy bar type model has been launched.The appearance of this mobile is really good.But this mobile is only for the Business purpose and cannot be used in normal.It comes only in one color i.e black. with Qwerty keypad.The keypad seems to be a soft touch one.

Immediate email and messaging:

In this mobile there is a window interface with wifi ,instant messaging,push mails. Imagine connecting to any Wi-Fi network at a cafe, downloading your latest emails and large attachments from your colleagues at work at up to 5 times+ the speed of 3G.


Built with camera, video recorder and music player, the smart phone i600 is also smart in the ways of leisure. Capture special moments as soon as they happen, or plug in to your favourite hits and stream music to your bluetooth stereo headset. With an external memory slot that supports up to 2GB microSD, you do not have to worry about insufficient memory or playback.

Rating: 3/5

Ultimately this is only for business purpose.It is not compact and cannot be used for normal purposes.


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