Tirupura Attacked!!!

After Delhi the terrorists target the  eastern part of India, Tirupura.Five blasts occured in the capital of Tirupura,Agartala leaving two people dead and more than 70 injured.The bombs went off in GB Bazaar, MG Bazaar, Radhanagar Bus Stand and Palace Compound within a span of about 30 minutes.The first blast went off at the popular bazaar Gol Bazaar,next at GB Bazaar.Two people were killed on the spot at Maharajganj Bazar and GB Bazar.The injured were been hospitalised and whole place was in red with blood stains.The howling of people and persons being involved around rescue operations was happening around there.The target on India continues and this is yet another failure of Indian Intelligence.This makes the people to think whether our intelligence have been failed in all its aspects.Are terrorists thinking more our intelligence official? Is this is Political drama ? Where is our nation going.The major cities of India is being taregtted by the Terrorists and all the attacks have successfull.Though we might say that our intelligence have prevented some couple of attacks, we lost more lives.People now started to think about the nation security.Are we really secured in all ways? this question has been arised in the minds of Indian people.The Vice President Of India has denounced that that serial blasts at Agartala is “such mindless acts of violence” coinciding with the festive season are aimed at disturbing peace and harmony.Central intelligence agencies had on September 25 warned the northeastern states of an impending terror attack and BSF officials in Agartala confirmed having received the input.Another coward attack by the Terrorists.


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