The problems with gear shifting in two wheelers…

Many would love riding in bikes and that too rash driving is a real fun for them.It is a fact that a person who used to ride a bike with gear shifting practice with front side will really find it difficult when it comes with rear side gear shift with some other bike.Because of this different gear shifting practice in different bikes will definitely lead to some diastrous accidents.So we have to be cautous whenever we want to ride a bike that is not having regular gear shift as we have practised.So how can we avoid this discomfort ?..This is not a solutionless problem.It has solution.All bikes which are being manufactured in India should have a same standard with gears and the practise should be the followed.The standarisation process is there in the computer hardware field where you can find all the hardwares for the computers will definitely fit into different type of motherboards.Like wise we can also make some standarisation in automobile industry so that everybody will feel really comfortable with all kinds of bikes.The best example for the gear shifting problem is with TVS bike and the Hero honda splendour bike.In these two bikes, the gear shift is completely opposite to each other.Though it may be said that TVS 100 is 2 stroke and splendour is 4 stroke,but there is no any relation between gear shifting process and engine piston strokes.Everything depends on the designer.All the automobile designers should keep in mind that the gear shifting process are made in comfortable way to the customers.

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