Kadhalil Vizhunden Movie Review!!!

The film kadhalil vizhunden famous for its song Nakka Mukka have been screened on this friday.With much expectation, it did not fail to meet those expectations.The film is a commercial one with combination of romance and action sequences.The debutant director done his best to make this film into a successful one.The actor Nakul made his performance in a such a way that he cannot be compared with boys “ju ju”.Nakul’s performance in the film reveals his full commitment to the film.His appearance in the film is perfect suit for the tamil industry hero.Kollywood will give a warm welcome to him. Nakul’s scenes in romance might be a slow dragging scenes and the action sequences were chronicled.The debutant Sunena actress of the movie has given her best.Her expressions were quiet okay in the film,but not impressive.The music director Vijay Antony has delievered his best in both songs and the background music.The first half of the film is completely in romance side and the action sequences starts from the second half of the film.It is a pure tamil movie in which you might find all the masala’s needed.The movie is spicy and never lets you to drink water.The visualisation of the songs are good and the choreography is done in pretty good manner.The production unit Sun Pictures with lot of hurdles has finally released its movie.The first movie of Sun Pictures and the producer Kalanidhi maran might be a hit.The biggest hit of the year is the Nakka Mukka song and the visualisation for that song is done with care and the output is success.The mark for the story can be given as 5/10.The music 6/10.The overall rating for the film is 5/10.


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