Delhi Suffers!!!

Immediately after 2 weeks from the serial blasts that rocked delhi, another bomb explosion occured in the Indian Capital.It has reported that a bomb that was kept in a tiffen box  expoded in Mehrauli market in Delhi.This market is a congested one and a blast may definitely result in heavy loss.In this blast, officially it has been announced that one is dead and 14 people were injured.The continous attacks on delhi by the terrorists made an intense feeling among the delhi residents.Within in the time to crack the accussed personals in Delhi blasts another explosion made the intelligence bureau to suffer.The whole country puts the pressure on Intelligence that it has failed and the whole setup has to be changed.The government of India also seriously looking into a new act against terrorism which might be more effective that POTA.The home minister Mr.Shivaraj Patil is seriously under pressure because of this second explosion.This is the second coward attack on innocent people by the terrorists.I dont why the government of India still maintaining its patience.It is obvious that the mastermind behind these attacks could be possibly from Pakistan. Immediate military action should be taken against the militants hiding out in Kashmir.Terrorists are real cowardice.They want to accomplish their goals by shedding others blood.Each life has a value for it.I think they might have understood that earlier but  they still want to kill others.Vampires..


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